Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ordering Aftermarket Katzkin Leather Upholstery: How to Understand Your Vehicle’s Seats

With thousands of upgrades for car and truck models from more than 50 vehicle manufacturers, from Acura and Audi to Volkswagen and Volvo, Superior Auto Restyling has it all. Few products, however, are more popular with customers than our aftermarket leather interior selections, especially the outstanding leather auto upholstery fabric choices from Katzkin. We've been selling Katzkin leather seats since 1986, when they first hit market.

Now, nearly three decades later, Katzkin has become incredibly well known for the fine quality and remarkably precise fit of their vehicle interiors. In addition to the auto aftermarket market, which, pardon the pun, they have "sewn up," Katzkin also supplies Ford Motor Company with the leather for its vehicles' interiors. In addition, it is the only maker of leather seat accessories tested/approved for use in use in Fiat and Dodge-Chrysler vehicles, such as the Jeep and Dodge Ram trucks.

Buying and Installing Your Custom Replacement Interior
We've got the precise measurements for hundreds of vehicle interiors, and when you order a leather interior from us and submit the year, make and model, we know exactly what you need with a few exceptions. To obtain this information we need your input.

We've created this short, 2¾-minute YouTube video to familiarize you with the terminology used with car interiors and some of the different headrest/airbag configurations found in different vehicle models. Some cars, like the Jeep Cherokee used in the example on the video, have protective airbags in the back seats while others don't. It's explained how to determine if you have rear side airbags by looking for the little tag on the side of the seat. SRS, by the way, in reference to airbags stands for Supplemental Restraint System.

You'll also learn the correct terminology for a seat's backrest, which is properly called the "leanback," and that there are two types:

High-back - where the headrest is integrated into the leanback
Low-back – where the headrest is adjustable and separate from the leanback

You'll need to know which type of leanbacks your vehicle has in order to ensure an exact fit. You'll also have to know if your front leanbacks have the capability of folding all the way forward onto the seat cushion, in which case you've got fold-flat leanbacks.

Study the video before ordering your Katzkin kit, and make note of your vehicle's seat specs. This will help ensure a perfect, professional-like installation of which you'll be proud.

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