Thursday, October 18, 2018

Caring for your new Katzkin Leather Interior

You just bought and installed your beautiful new Katzkin Leather Interior from, and before you've even had a chance to put away your hog ring pliers you've had your first spill.

Now what?!?!?

Maintaining you Katzkin Leather Upholstery is easy!

Katzkin uses only the finest imported automotive leathers. Each hide receives a special protective treatment during the tanning process, to preserve and protect the grain from dirt and stains that come from everyday use. Maintenance is easy! Just follow these simple cleaning recommendations below. 

Spots & Spills on your Katzkin Leather

Blot excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. If necessary, use clear, lukewarm water and gently wipe spill. If water is used, clean the entire area where the spill occurred. Dry with a clean towel and allow to air dry. Do not dry wet areas with heat dryers, hair dryers, etc. as this will damage the leather. 

For Stubborn Spots & Spills on your Katzkin Leather

Use a mild solution of Ivory® bar soap and clear, lukewarm water. Apply the soap solution to a clean, moist sponge or soft cloth and blot the area. 

Do not apply force or pressure, as the heat and friction of rubbing will damage the leather. Rinse and allow to air dry naturally. 

Do Not Use Saddle soaps, oils, abrasives, cleaners containing detergent (such as dishwashing liquids) Solvent-based cleaners (such as mineral spirits) Varnish or ammonia water or silicone-based products These types of cleaners will cause damage to the protective top coat of the leather and may void your warranty. 

Note regarding Blue Dye Transfer:

Some clothing items (such as darker jeans) contain dyes which may transfer to lighter color upholstery surfaces, including lighter color automotive leathers.  This dye transfer occurs naturally over time and does not reflect a defect in the finish of the leather. If you are concerned about the possibility of blue dye transfer, we recommend that you consider a darker color for your leather interior.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

LiquiCell Seat Inserts for Automobiles

Since we began selling Liquicell gel seat inserts as an option with Katzkin Leather Upholstery Kits around a decade ago, we've been really happy to see so many customers come back to us thrilled with their purchase. These individual thin gel pads (we've heard them compared to thick uncooked chicken cutlets) install between your factory foam and your new leather, acting much in the same way as "Dr. Scholl's" pads do for your feet. They aren't much to look at, but between your reviews and the science, we are sold!

“I am a sales rep who is in the car about 5,000 miles per month. I have had general discomfort and minor pain related to being in the car for long periods of time. I have been using [the] LiquiCell car seat pad for about 4 months. This pad makes sitting for extended periods of time very tolerable. No longer do I feel sore, stiff or fatigued when I get off the road for theday. I do not think I could go back to driving without LiquiCell’s seat pad.” - Kirk Hanson, Manufacturer’s Sales Representative

Using an innovative combination of a low viscosity fluid and strategically placed seal points that control the flow of liquid, LiquiCell reduces discomfort associated with prolonged contact between your body and your car, truck, or SUV seat. By equalizing perpendicular pressure at the point of contact (thus reducing pressure), soft tissue compression is greatly reduced thereby significantly reducing skin friction and soft tissue shear stress. Each LiquiCell pad is specifically designed - thin, light weight and extremely pliable - comprised of two urethane membranes sealed around a low viscosity liquid. Seal points control the flow of liquid to equalize pressure and provide a cushiony lubrication at the point of contact on the body. Under normal usage and operations LiquiCell will not burst or leak unless the outer skin is physically punctured or degraded.

  • Over 150% improvement in circulation
  • Reduces soreness in tailbone & back
  • Sit in comfort everywhere you go
  • Customizable for all vehicle seats and compatible with heated seats
Get more information on our Liquicell Product Page!

Monday, October 2, 2017

New Colors added to latest Katzkin Samples Book is very excited to announce the release of the brand new Katzkin Leather Samples Book. As usual it features all of the different materials from the #1 name in automotive upholstery, but we have some brand new materials and colors added to the lineup!

Cement - a cool grey
Salsa - a fiery red
Hyper Yellow - the brightest yellow in the bunch

Mango - you asked for an orange suede? we give you mango!

Electric Lime and Screaming Green - from neon down to a shade of apple
Camouflage - available in Realtree Wetlands and Woodlands

Outlaw Iron - a great steel colored tooled leather with a western feel

Of course we still have all the great Barracuda and Tuscany colors too, and you can see them all in the Katzkin Samples Book by clicking here!

As always, you get a full credit on your book back when you return it within 90 days!

Katzkin Leather Samples Book

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Installing Your Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Got 45 minutes and a relatively steady hand?

Then you have what it takes to add the luxurious feel of leather to your steering wheel!!!

Join the thousands of other drivers who have purchased a Wheelskins genuine leather steering wheel wrap and treat yourself! The leather wraps come sized specifically for your vehicle's year make and model for a snug custom fit. In the box you'll find a nylon lacing cord, a needle, and illustrated detailed installation instructions with the cover exactly as you designed it on ShopSAR. The holes are pre-punched on the inside seam with a patented lacing hole reinforcement to prevent tearing during installation. You just sew it right over your wheel. The illustrated Installation Instructions provided with your Wheelskins will show you how to lace around any spokes, or to use dummy stitches at the spokes if they are wider than about 1 ½ inches where they connect to the wheel.

While we're at it, care for your Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover is pretty important as well...

Your Wheelskin is made of leather that is specifically tanned and finished for this product. It is  recommended that you gently use only water and a soft sponge or paper towel to remove any surface soil buildup. Avoid all purpose cleaners and protectants that will remove the special finishes and coatings on the leather. Most leather cleaners that are made for leather upholstery, which have hard finishes. These cleaners are unsuitable for the softer Wheelskins and should be avoided.

Follow these directions and you'll have a beautifully installed genuine leather steering wheel cover for years to come!