Monday, October 23, 2017

LiquiCell Seat Inserts for Automobiles

Since we began selling Liquicell gel seat inserts as an option with Katzkin Leather Upholstery Kits around a decade ago, we've been really happy to see so many customers come back to us thrilled with their purchase. These individual thin gel pads (we've heard them compared to thick uncooked chicken cutlets) install between your factory foam and your new leather, acting much in the same way as "Dr. Scholl's" pads do for your feet. They aren't much to look at, but between your reviews and the science, we are sold!

“I am a sales rep who is in the car about 5,000 miles per month. I have had general discomfort and minor pain related to being in the car for long periods of time. I have been using [the] LiquiCell car seat pad for about 4 months. This pad makes sitting for extended periods of time very tolerable. No longer do I feel sore, stiff or fatigued when I get off the road for theday. I do not think I could go back to driving without LiquiCell’s seat pad.” - Kirk Hanson, Manufacturer’s Sales Representative

Using an innovative combination of a low viscosity fluid and strategically placed seal points that control the flow of liquid, LiquiCell reduces discomfort associated with prolonged contact between your body and your car, truck, or SUV seat. By equalizing perpendicular pressure at the point of contact (thus reducing pressure), soft tissue compression is greatly reduced thereby significantly reducing skin friction and soft tissue shear stress. Each LiquiCell pad is specifically designed - thin, light weight and extremely pliable - comprised of two urethane membranes sealed around a low viscosity liquid. Seal points control the flow of liquid to equalize pressure and provide a cushiony lubrication at the point of contact on the body. Under normal usage and operations LiquiCell will not burst or leak unless the outer skin is physically punctured or degraded.

  • Over 150% improvement in circulation
  • Reduces soreness in tailbone & back
  • Sit in comfort everywhere you go
  • Customizable for all vehicle seats and compatible with heated seats
Get more information on our Liquicell Product Page!

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